Change is Simple, Inc. (CiS) was piloted and founded here in Beverly by Patrick & Lauren Belmonte, two Beverly Public Schools alum. The first ever CiS lesson was run on a hot June day in 2011 at North Beverly Elementary School to an excited group of 4th graders. This pilot lesson ignited a fire of enthusiasm and has since grown from one grade at one school to reaching each and every 3rd-6th grade student with a powerful environmental curriculum. This curriculum is led by the small CiS staff partnered with interns from local colleges and even Beverly High School. Students work in small groups with a team member who guides them through the learning experience and acts as a positive role model. The excitement for Change is Simple grows each year and the impacts have been significant. Kids yelling "Change is Simple" any chance they get, with teachers and parents echoing that enthusiasm and helping to drive the movement forward. We are seeking sponsors to make sure the programs continue during the 2015-2016 school year. 


  • Reduced trash by 85% at BHS & Briscoe.
  • 4th grade students conducted several hundred home energy audits and measured energy use in each 4th grade classroom city wide. 
  • 5th grade students have taken over 15,000 actions to lower their carbon footprint.
  • 3rd grade students have increased in-school paper recycling over 50%
  • All students:
    • Learn about healthy living & sustainable practices
    • Improve math & reading comprehension by using their skills in our fun hands-on activities; lessons teach students that the skills are relevant and easily applied to real world scenarios. 
  • Each student in grades 3-6 will receive a full year curriculum with CiS consisting of over 4 hours of direct engagement with CiS staff as well as hours of additional science activities, projects, and community challenges with their classroom teacher and school. 


-sponsorship opportunities below- 

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