WOuld you like Change is Simple at your school? 

The Change is Simple program is designed around supporting and enhancing the classroom experience. Our team works in partnership with Principals and classroom teachers, and the program is aligned to curriculum for specific grades and aims to have students working together in hands-on learning alongside college mentors.  For these reasons we do not offer assembly performances. Typically our partner schools have classrooms participate in 4+ units with us each year. 

To bring us to your school:

  1. Contact Co-Director, Patrick Belmonte at Patrick@changeissimple.org or call (978) 335-1151 for more information 
  2. Set up a meeting with your Principal and Patrick Belmonte in order to:
    1. Plan grade level involvement & topics
    2. Discuss funding (click for funding details) 
    3. Decide on program start date
  3. Teachers fill out short questionnaire on curriculum & topics to plan program implementation
  4. Kick-off meeting with participating students & first workshop & unit begins. Each unit includes