We are big fans of short videos and we are pulling together one of our most impactful videos yet. We need some kids in the video, hence, why you are here. We need kids that can learn a few lines of text and then deliver them on camera in a way that induces emotion and indicates the tone we are trying to convey. We have developed our script, an intense poem, touching on some powerful issues but nothing too edgy. The poem is designed to get people's attention and then create awareness that education is the answer. If you think that this is a fit for your child, please fill out the below form. We have yet to decide how many children we will use for the video and surely don't want to hurt anyone's feeling or alienate anyone. We'd love to have all those that submit play a role if possible, we are in the process of figuring that out now. However, our initial plan was to use 4 children. We'd love to shoot the entire video in one day, so your child would need to be patient while we shot other portions of the video. And lastly, no big money contracts for this gig, this is a volunteer opportunity. :)

After reading all this, if you are still interested submit the info below and we will be in touch about casting and scripts.  

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Parent Name
Do you agree that we would be able to use your child's image for mass communication. I.E. Youtube, Vimeo for people to view and share on the internet? *