The Science of Sustainability program (SoS) creates authentic learning experiences by integrating multiple units of sustainability throughout the school year. The curriculum and our assistance in delivery allows for maximum impact on students, support for teachers and effective outcomes for schools.  

Each unit focuses a different area of sustainability, for example Global Food System, Renewable Energy, Water Conservation, and more. 

Each unit consists of the following:

  • A memorable and interactive 60-minute hands-on lesson 

    • An environmental scientist leads the lesson

      • Acts as an instructional coach for classroom teacher

    • 2-3 college students assist to allow for small group instruction

      • Become mentors for students

    • Students use exciting learning tools 

      •  1500 sq.ft. world map, interactive community water table, solar panels, giant DNA strands, energy generators, and more. 

  • Resources for classroom teachers:

    • An outline and overview of the unit topic with curriculum links and objectives {Professional Development available}

    • Worksheets, activities and project outlines for classroom teachers to extend the learning at school, at home and in your community

    • Information guide for parents/guardians

    • A collection of videos, articles and books that align with the unit

  • Student-led project with real measurable outcomes: 

    • For example, home energy audits, lunchroom composting, carbon footprint challenges, etc.

  • Awards & certificates for students and classrooms

All units use project-based learning to integrate NGSS and Common Core in Math & ELA. In addition, programming supports 21st Century Learning initiatives and is appropriate for all learners.