The Change is Simple curriculum reinforces the importance of understanding the connection between our actions and our planet. Our decisions, big and small, have an impact on our environment and health. The curriculum focuses on the sustainability of the natural and societal systems upon which we all depend: food, energy, water, waste, etc. We teach kids how they interact with and depend on these systems. Children, made aware of their connections to people, place and planet will be inspired to take millions of actions in their lives to make the world a better place. Isn't that exactly what we all want? Sustainability, good health and happiness, not just for the haves or have-nots, but for everyone. It is vital for this process to start when kids are most open to developing lifelong values and thrive with positive role models to guide them. Our dynamic learning experiences have children applying science, math, english and social studies curricula to address modern world issues. Students are transformed from bystanders to active participants in creating a more sustainable, healthier world. 


SCIENCE - Augment your science program by exposing your students to real-world environmental issues and the science behind the systems on which we all rely: how our water arrives at our tap, food at our stores, energy at our homes. The science of our modern world is fascinating and relevant to kids. NGSS integration. 

TECHNOLOGY - We educate on innovative technology helping to create a better world and get students to engage in innovative problem solving. 21st century learning models used in all lessons. 

ENGINEERING - Get your students ready for the future. From designing and building wind turbines to creating storm water basins that prevent pollution from impacting our water system, engineering is a key component each year. 

ART - Art improves creative thinking and inspires students with a variety of interests to get involved in the learning experience. Art is used for design and, for example, to show students how processes like pollination and recycling function for us.

MATH - Everything within our program ties back to math & measurement, getting students to realize their impacts and track their behavior changes. Real world, hands-on and aligned with the Common Core for each grade, our program reinforces skills and increases comprehension. 

FOR ALL - Change is Simple empowers children by teaching them why & how helping socially & environmentally can quite literally change the world. Students will seek out better solutions for the planet, their community and health. By learning this at a young age, our students will go on to take millions of positive actions in their lifetime.  

How it works:

UNITS - We have dozens of units on Sustainability. Your classroom teachers chooses the units you'd like to focus on;  Global food systems, renewable energy, product life cycles and more, each is customized to meet your goals and integrate into your curriculum. We recommend at least 4 per year. College science students & our environmental scientists visit your classroom once for each unit with an exciting, memorable, project based experience. These visits are 1 hour long, designed for one classroom at a time and small group instruction. These visits excite students and give them purpose for learning. Classrooms teachers then use our provided videos, books, projects, worksheets and activities to continue the learning. Each unit has a parent take home element that spreads learning beyond the classroom. 

MULTIPLE VISITS - By coming to your classroom several times per year, student learning compounds and enthusiasm builds. Our program progresses year over year with dozens of lessons that all tie together. 

FOR TEACHERS - Our units lessons support your curriculum objectives and are easily connected to many topics. We bring all materials and run the lesson so you can observe your students learning experience. We provide extensions & classroom challenges to continue learning. We work with you to plan and support your goals, and help get you certified as a Sustainability Educator. 

FOR STUDENTS - Kids LOVE Change is Simple lessons. They are moving around, using their hands, working in groups and working with energetic college students. 

COSTS- Approximately $800 per classroom for 4 units per year. (<$8 per student). Includes four visits to the classroom, the lesson extensions and community projects for teachers to assist with, professional development. {Costs will vary based on travel time and number of classrooms.} Support with grant seeking is available. 

Change is Simple provides environmental science & sustainability education: 

  • A SMART sustainability program that works for EVERY elementary school: Curriculum designed around the modern world, and for the children and schools of today. 
    • Specific: Curriculum is designed to create links and strengthen skills within core curricula in math, literacy, social studies, and STEM. Lessons are specific to each grade level; hands-on activities and small group instruction are used throughout our curriculum.Use of Next Generation S.S. & 21st century learning principles helps schools achieve goals. 
    • Measurable: Lessons lead students to take immediate action at school, at home, in their community and for their own health that have measurable results.
    • Attainable:  Four 1-hour lessons  for each classroom annually create a lasting impact on all students, yet fit within the time constraints of elementary school schedules. Can be run periodically or as a theme week. 
    • Real & Relevant: All lessons focus on real world issues, made relevant to children and families of today. 
    • Timely: Students grades 3-5 are the most open developmentally to assimilating new values and life long behaviors. Students in this age bracket also communicate with parents/guardians more than any other age.
  • Inclusive: By design, every student in class receives CiS curriculum. Our programming engages students of all learning levels, learning styles, and areas of interest. Whether our children grow to be scientists, lawyers, plumbers, hair stylists, or business owners, it is critical that all citizens have strong environmental and social values.
  • Connections: We create the link between nature and modern society, but are very different from nature-based education programs. We bring real, current environmental issues directly into our students’ world: we transform classrooms into construction zones and ecosystems and students into engineers and scientists that are problem solving for the ever changing world.
  • Engaging: Our lessons incorporate unique learning tools and hands-on activities that make learning fun and increase retention. Lessons are led by teams of energetic college students that act as role models for and make meaningful connections with the kids in a small group setting. 
  • Empowerment: Students learn the real, immediate consequences of their actions and then demonstrate how they can make a tangible difference. Students realize their direct connections and responsibility to their health, peers, community, and planet. 


 Please email for further details and program pricing.