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Change is Simple is an environmental education nonprofit that uses hands-on lessons to show students their impact on the planet and their community. Change is Simple welcomes students from both high school and college to participate in our internship program and further our mission. For our interns, every day is different, but every day is fun! We provide a fresh and energetic take on teaching about our planet and how to protect it. We believe that passionate individuals will fuel the recovery of our earth. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Keep reading to learn more!

Internship Benefits  

Since we are a small scale non-profit organization, our interns are encouraged to take a part in every aspect of the business. One day, you could help build a 6ft. tall wind turbine, and the next day, you could be helping review a grant. Internships with Change is Simple are a great way to develop and explore skills in areas you might not be exposed to in other settings. We do our best to balance organizational needs with the skills and interests our interns bring to the organization.

In the classroom, interns are encouraged to explore and find their own teaching style, and are given opportunities to take over and lead individual lessons. Most interns have expressed an increased confidence in public speaking and communication skills. Our interns also develop their skills creating, delivering, and evaluating lesson curriculum and learning tools. Upon successful completion of an internship, Change is Simple also provides letters of recommendation.

INTERN Testimonies 


Internships are available year-round and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The length of the internship depends on you!  We typically host interns for either 120 hours, a single semester, or up to a 6 month period. Summer and winter break internships are also available. 

Most interns are hired as assistant environmental educators, but our organization believes that everyone has something to offer. Change is Simple welcomes individuals who do not possess an education or environmental background. 

Our office is small, our team is like a family, and everything we do is naturally full of energy and laughter. An internship with Change is Simple will allow you to learn more about the environment, become an active member in the community, and develop your communication and speaking skills, among other things.

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