We are seeking support to add 5 schools (1250+ students) for the 2018-19 school year.  Many of these students live in underserved communities.


  • Become a Partner ChangeMaker to support a school for a year.
  • Host a Change is Simple Workshop for your team - 
  • Schedule a visit to see the program in action
  • Make your events "green" - email


  • Become a ChangeMaker to support a class for a year.
  • Support 1 student for a year - $50
  • Host a Change is Simple workshop at your office 
  • Volunteer email

Become a member of our ChangeMaker Giving Program


Join our ChangeMakers

$10,000 - Sponsor a school & a college student mentor for a full year (Charter Member of the ChangeMaker Program)

$5,000 - Sponsor a whole school for a full year of Change is Simple - that's 200+ kids! (Charter Member of the ChangeMaker Program)

$1,000 - Sponsor a classroom for a full year - that's 25 kids!  (Member of the ChangeMaker Program)


Learn more about becoming a ChangeMaker

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Donate to support programming

$500 - Sponsor a classroom for a half year of programming 

$250 - Sponsor 1 experiential learning program for a classroom

$100 - Sponsor two elementary students for a full year of programming

$50 - Sponsor one elementary student for a full year 

Use this link to donate with no processing fees to you or us! 

We are currently seeking additional corporate partners to help support our mission. By supporting Change is Simple, Inc. you are empowering individuals to change our communities and our planet. Email us about becoming a corporate partner or setting up a matching gift with your organization.