Hey Kids!

Team up with Patrick and the rest of the CiS staff by joining our Kids team! 

What is Change is Simple Kids? 

When you become a part of the team, you will get the inside scoop on all things Change is Simple:  
Receive links to new videos we make, activities for home science experiments, and eco-tips to help you make your community more environmentally friendly!  Being a part of CiS kids means:

  • Official Change is Simple Certificate
  • Be featured on our website as the  CiS team member of the month for your help to protect our planet. #famous
  • Invite to Our CiS Kids Kickoff Party! (Details to be Announced)
  • Ongoing activities and fun project for kids and families emailed right to you
  • Movie Nights
  • Fun workshops and afterschool programs
  • Monthly community volunteer activities such as local beach clean ups

For Parents

Change is Simple Kids is an opportunity for your child to get involved in your community and interact with other students that we teach by discussing topics that they are interested in and passionate about.  If your child is interested in science, technology, or is just excited to tell you about what they learned with Change is Simple at school, then this program will help them feel empowered to fill roles within their community and become leaders.  They will be liaisons between our organization and the schools that they attend, and help us make changes within their schools to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.  We want them to know that they can make a difference and we believe this program will help them achieve more.  An optional 40$ donation from becoming a part of CiS Kids will go directly towards our mission and getting your children engaged.  We also have a discount to our favorite eco-conscious brand, Threads for Thought for parents that sign their child up! 

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