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Community Impacts:

Change is Simple has been able to grow the impacts of this sustainability education program, inspiring environmental responsibility in over 17,000 students and their families since 2011.  

  • 6000+ students/year served

  • 10,594 hours of science mentoring by college students since 2011 (80% of which were female-led)

  • 100% of partner teachers would recommend

  • CiS Students eat triple the daily produce of the national average for their age group, while using CiS’s ‘produce passport’ to track how far their food traveled and find local options or alternatives

  • Students organize school electronics, textile, and food waste recycling programs

  • CiS students have made over 250,000 changes to lower their carbon footprint

  • CiS Students have made over 100,000 changes to reduce Co2 emissions

  • 90% of students eat more locally and healthfully, conserve energy and water

  • 93% of students facilitate change (related to lessons) in their homes


  • 2017 Winner of the  Greater Beverly non-profit of the Year Award
  • 2017 Project Green Schools Green Difference Award recipient  for 5+ Years of Program Success and Impact