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The Wheeler Challenge

Welcome to the Wheeler Challenge! Peter Wheeler (shown in above surfing photos) is a wonderful supporter of Change is Simple and his lifestyle has inspired us to create this challenge for our students. Peter is full of positive energy and puts it to good use by partaking in three activities a day as often as possible. He can typically be found surfing in the morning, running around the tennis court mid day and getting in the woods for a bike ride in the afternoon. His energy is contagious and often challenges friends and family to keep up with him. This active life is undoubtedly healthy, both physically and mentally.

We encourage all of our students to engage in the Wheeler Challenge: 3 activities in one day. Each student to complete the challenge will be entered to win a prize. Every month during the 2015/16 school year we will draw a winner from those who have logged their activities. And, you can participate daily! The more you enter the better your chances for winning. We have lots of activities to choose from. So now, get out there, have fun, and enter your info below!


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