We are so grateful for our many donors to the organization who allow this mission to move forward. We asked some of these great advocates what drew them to the organization, and why they got involved with supporting our work teaching kids about taking action around sustainability…

Alex and a Change is Simple Summer Student

Alex and a Change is Simple Summer Student

Alex Deveraux, Fidelity Investments

Committees:  Finance Chair
Joined the CiS Board in 2016

I live in Beverly and have 3 young children who attend school here.

I was first introduced to CiS during a function at my daughter’s elementary school. The importance of CiS’s mission struck me immediately. I then attended a CiS lesson and saw firsthand how the material was empowering the kids to make a difference within their own environment. The kids were so engaged during the lesson. I knew this was an organization that was making a positive difference in the world and I wanted to become more involved and support it’s work. These lesson give them tools for how to think, act and live more sustainably going forward. This is why I give.

Darren creating with the kids at Camp Paradise

Darren creating with the kids at Camp Paradise

Darren Blyth, Blyth Consulting

Committees:  Corporate / Fundraising, Outreach

Joined the CiS Board in 2017

 I wanted to get involved with Change Is Simple to be part of something that is focused on providing education and insight into the impact that we have on our environment. The older I get, I grow more and more concerned at the increasing percentage of people that either have no understanding of the strain we put on our planet and it’s supporting ecosystems, and/or no desire to understand the ramifications it has for us all. Change is Simple has grabbed the bull by the horns and developed the means and methods to teach our children about our environmental footprint and the small changes we all need to make to create a sustainable and happier world for generations to come. This is why I give.


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