Sharing our experiences

We live a rather unconventional life. At the ages of 31 & 32 we are searching for some justification to the fact that we all dedicate basically 75% of our waking life to work, away from people we love- doing something we don't love- all for a pay check. The paycheck we work so hard for often goes to things we don't want to but have to pay for (gas, repair bills, insurance, etc), while occasionally we reluctantly "splurge" on the things that make us happy and healthy (vacations, hobbies, food, massages). This doesn't really make sense to us, so we are headed down a different road, full steam ahead. 


Change is Simple is moving forward. We are inviting you in to learn more about the organization, the people behind it and the journey that we are on- both the good and the bad. We have decided to activate this blog to share more and have you share more with us. Comments are on below. Go for it. We'd love for you to join us, check in or share with a friend. We will be posting lots of great resources, personal experiences along with asking for help... 

As high school sweethearts, Lauren & I were pegged by our peers as the couple most likely to get married first, have a house with a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, a dog and a solid job.  Things are far different than predicated but our foundation is built nearly exclusively on love. Corny? Very. But if the prior section (the part about 75% of our lives being crap) made sense at all then maybe you can understand our point of view. For the last 4.5 years we have committed ourselves to a root cause issue, to a mission that we believe could profoundly affect our future. We have been loving what we do and spending more time with the people we love but not without frustration, disappointment, tears, arguments, sacrifice, and overall trying times.  OH well, life and work is full of challenges whether it is with those you love or a boss you can't stand. We are going to stick together on this one.