Fun project for kids who love your iPhone

Really simple project that will surely entertain your kids for a while. This is also not just a throw away art project, it really works!! Get those science, technology and art brains motoring by having your kids or students build an iPhone/itouch or iPad blaster.  Or as I like to call it a FOSE, sorta like BOSE but free, fake & fun. 

Take an old coffee or Pringle can. But it also works with paper towel or toilet paper tube. The sound value increases with the size of the tube for obvious reasons. 

Cut a hole in the top to cradle the speaker part of your phone or ipad. I used a small piece of window screen to hold the phone so I could use multiple sized devices. See photos below. Also I used a few mini dowels to keep it from rolling, the link below used paper clips. You could even glue on small stones, really whatever. Let the kids get creative. Have them then decorate the outside as they like, and that's it! A fun battery free, power free, recycled iSpeaker. And yes you will notice a huge difference in the sound. It will be louder with increased bass. Maybe celebrate their finished work with a family dance party. Rock on! 

Here is more info: