Successful Lunchroom Waste Program

Several years ago we were brought in the Briscoe Middle School to follow up on education received by 6th graders at Nature's Classroom. Our follow up on this includes composting, soil science, soil as a natural resource and waste reduction. Middle school is a tough time to implement a new system. Kids have lots of competing interests and distractions.  But we forged ahead with revamping the waste system in the lunchroom of the Briscoe cafeteria after delivering some strong curriculum. At the time, the lunchroom at Briscoe had only had trash; no recycling, no compost, no liquid pour off.  Fast forward a few years; kids in Beverly have been working with Change is Simple from 3rd - 6th grade, there is a growing movement happening and high level of interest in environmental stewardship. In November of 2014, championed by Health teacher Ryan Yurchick, with guidance and education from Change is Simple, and assistance from many others including but not limited to Sharon Kishida of the DEP, Rob Fortado building engineer and Conor Miller of Black Earth Compost,  the new program at Briscoe has proven its success. Here are the results:

Support for this program has been provided by Briscoe PTO and Beverly Education Foundation. THANK YOU!!! You are making a huge difference!