Paying it Forward

Here at Change is Simple, Patrick and Lauren are our everything. They motivate us, they make us laugh, they support us, and most importantly, they include us. This summer has been a whirlwind of change for the office: gaining a whopping five interns and a brand new staff member, Change is Simple is getting a little cramped. But Patrick and Lauren, being the generous couple that they are, put our needs first. They scavenged for new desks, chairs, shelves - anything that would make us all more comfortable in our small office. Since their decorating energy was channelled almost entirely in our direction, their own office lacked some luster, if you will.

After receiving an email from Patrick saying "I am realizing how terrible our back office looks. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe ponder it a bit and give me some ideas to spruce it up.Haven and Kelly sprung to action. They organized a secret meeting to brainstorm ideas for the re-do, picked up thrift store finds and gathered us all on a conspicuously named Google Doc: “Secret Office Makeover”. On Friday, after Lauren and Patrick left for the weekend, we came to the office in our junkiest clothes and got down to business. We emptied their room and feverishly began painting and glueing, sanding and staining. Our office neighbors raised eyebrows and smiled as they walked past us hand-sawing a pallet and spray painting out on the patio.

Though it took a little extra time on Sunday, Patrick and Lauren’s office was finished by Monday morning, just in time to surprise them. We all got hugs and thank yous, and we even made Lauren cry. Change is Simple is all about teaching people how the smallest changes in their lives can make the biggest differences, but each day we learn how these changes don’t always necessarily need to be environmentally focused and how positivity spreads even through the smallest acts of kindness.

- Jillian

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