Non-profits aren't typically family businesses (I know why that is the case after a near vertical uphill battle over the past 6 years). But Change is Simple (CiS) is certainly a family business. Not because Lauren and I are the founders, but because of how small the organization is, and how close we all become. Connections to the team here run deep: from beers with former employees to emoji-filled texts from past interns. We hug; there are tears at times and tons of laughter each day; hardcore dedication to the team, and friendship. I don't think we'd want it any other way. Although Lauren and I never really set out to do this, with our marriage on display for our team, it was bound to happen. It has its ups and downs at times but I think we agree the pluses outweigh the minuses. 

With that said, when someone on our team moves on, it is difficult. Recently, five amazing interns headed back to their normal college lives- classes daily, and no CiS. If that wasn't hard enough, after the holidays, our Education Coordinator, Kelly Driscoll decided she needed to make a change and pursue her dreams. She joined us as a volunteer back in 2012 and has been with us since. An environmental scientist and incredible educator, she brought so much to CiS and to our students. She taught over 1,500 lessons in 300 classrooms in her tenure and she was our first master level CiS certified educator. Her amazing way with kids and understanding of all things environment & health, made her a pillar for CiS. Kelly has decided to go back to school to become a nurse. We wish her luck in her next adventure and will miss her so much. Each day is not the same without her; as a micro-business it is not easy to replace someone like Kelly and, in reflection over the past few weeks, we've realized that we never will replace her. That is not how it works in a family. Kelly will always be a part of our family. With tears in our eyes, we wish Kelly the best in her next chapter. - Patrick, Lauren, Haven, & Jillian