Healthy Desserts

Hi! My name is Maria, I am one of the Change is Simple co-ops. Anyone that knows me knows food is one of my greatest passions in life. Recently, I’ve been trying to incorporate more healthy choices into my diet while making sure everything is still delicious. I’m going to be writing a series about healthy alternatives to some of our not-so-healthy food choices! I hope you all enjoy.

I personally feel that the best part of any meal is the dessert. If something has sugar or chocolate in it I will most definitely eat it. But I also want to be healthy, and I know eating all that butter, sugar, and who knows what else is probably not something I should do every night. Fortunately, there are many simple ways you can tweak recipes to make them much healthier but no less tasty! There are also tons of healthy alternatives that you can buy/make and are equally as delicious – I promise.

First let’s start with ways to tweak ingredients in baking:

1.     Instead of the oil that recipes call for you can use applesauce

2.     Stock up on that applesauce because that is also an awesome alternative for sugar AND butter!

3.     You can easily swap out flour for wheat or almond flour to preserve the texture and taste

4.     Changing sugar with maple syrup, stevia, blackstrap molasses, date sugar or honey, which are natural sweeteners, maintain the sugar taste but don’t alter your blood glucose levels.

5.     Combining flax meal (1 tbsp) with 3 tbsp of water is the perfect substitute for eggs.

Now let’s talk about alternatives for certain options:

If ice cream is your downfall try replacing a nightly Ben and Jerry’s with blending frozen bananas until there is an ice cream like consistency. You can add cocoa powder, peanut butter, and nuts –whatever you want! You can also make a thick smoothie bowl using a lot of greek yogurt and it’ll be just like ice cream.

If nothing makes you as happy as chocolate try swapping out some of the sugary milk chocolate with some dark chocolate (which is actually known to lower cholesterol too!) You can also try making chocolate covered strawberries, bananas, apricots, almonds etc., They are delicious and you end up eating less chocolate plus a serving of fruit! These are super fun to make; you can invite friends over and make it an event.

If you are obsessed with pudding try making chia seed pudding or some overnight oats. Chia seed pudding has the exact consistency of rice pudding and is delicious and keeps you full for eons (helps curb those midnight snack cravings). Overnight oats are my favorite breakfast but a chocolate peanut butter one is perfect for dessert (or even dessert for breakfast!)

I know the first blog post was about the last part of your meal, but we’ll work our way backwards! Check in soon for healthy junk food alternatives!