There is Hope to Fix Our Planet - Parting Words from an Intern

Parting words from a Passionate Intern. By Maria Gallagher

 It’s so hard to condense my time with Change is Simple to one simple post, but I will do my best. When I started looking for co-ops I had no idea what I wanted. I was out of my element and applied to nearly 40 jobs. But then I had an interview here. I called my mom on the train back to school and just talked about the passion of the entire team, the amazing bond they all clearly shared and said I needed to be a part of it.

            And six months later, here I am. Definitely a part of the team and distraught that I won’t get to see the familiar faces every day, and hear “change is simple” yelled countless times a week (maybe I’ll just start yelling it to myself). While here I learned about the environment (which I had no background in before), I learned about developing a non-profit, I did research and learned about social media and marketing and so much more I could go on for days. Other people I know would talk about their co-op and say they were getting coffee and running errands, while I was an integral part of a company.

            Getting to work with kids every day and seeing their passion for what we were teaching was astonishing. I remember in my interview Patrick said that kids go crazy when we’re there and remember everything we taught them months ago. I didn’t really believe him. But then I went to a school. Fifth graders were talking about lessons from third grade and third graders were so excited with the chance to be in a lesson kids had talked about at lunch and recess.

            This company, and these kids gave me hope that we can fix our planet. Change is Simple is founded on hope and love and the knowledge that one person can change the world. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it, and hold with me that knowledge in everything I do now.