Beverly’s Change is Simple & Danver’s Cell Signaling Technology hold first Annual Summer STEM Summit

Non-profit Change is Simple brings it’s sustainability-focused STEM curriculum to Danver’s-based Cell Signaling Technology to work with children from the Boys and Girls Club of Lynn and Beverly Children’s Learning Center. 

On July 29, Beverly-based Change is Simple engaged with 30 children from the Boys and Girls Club of Lynn, and Beverly Children’s Learning Center in a hands-on afternoon tackling  several important topics around sustainability at the first annual Summer STEM Summit at Cell Signaling Technology (CST) in Danvers.

This non-profit, corporate collaboration was the brain-child of Change is Simple Founder Patrick Belmonte and Krystyna Hincman, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Cell Signaling Technology, one of Change is Simple’s Corporate Partners, 

Change is Simple Co-Founder, Patrick Belmonte said:

“We are grateful for the strong partnership with CST. We both wanted to promote summer learning for kids in underserved communities, to involve them in hands-on STEM activities and promote career opportunities in the STEM and environmental field.”

The mission of Change Is Simple is to instill lifelong social and environmental responsibility through experiential learning that inspires action for healthy people, planet and community. Change is Simple focuses most of its work in elementary school classrooms during the school year, and felt there was an opportunity to reach children during the summer months.

This summit offered children opportunities to explore and learn about current, relevant environmental topics from food to animals to renewable energy. It was designed to provide kids who wouldn't otherwise have access to an opportunity like this, to summer education, meeting & working with college/high school mentors and STEM professionals, and learning about how to make healthier more sustainable choices. This was also a way to strengthen CST and CiS's partnership-- collaborating to provide unique opportunities to work with our community.

Krystyna Hincman, CST’s Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility said: 

“CST believes that business must be more responsible, working in partnership with local communities and seeking to minimize its environmental impact. It is a proud Corporate Partner of Change is Simple and the important work that they do educating the next generation. This summer we used the event to teach our summer interns about our company's mission of giving back and protecting our planet.”

From the participants:

We love to participate in these active events in STEM learning. This is an excellent fit with our curriculum as we are trying to focus more on our impact on the environment.”

Lisa Descheres, Director of Education & Children’s Services, Beverly Children’s Learning Center

“In their faces, I can see the kids loved it and learned a lot from this event!  When we go back we are going to talk more about it and what they learned today.”

Gisselle Espinal, Group Leader, Boys & Girls Club of Lynn