I feel a constant need to be creating. Problem solving to create something from something else. Nearly all of our learning tools have been built in this fashion. I find great satisfaction in creating useful things from otherwise useless stuff. An old trailer into a Mobile Education Garden, a block of discarded foam into community water table, a big old tarp into a giant world map, I love a good project. 

Several years ago I found a $10 surfboard at a yard sale that was complete JUNK. No fin, all yellow, dinged up and a terrible mess. I decided i was going to strip all the fiberglass off of the board and see if I could build it into a new board. Not only did it work but that first board came out great. Well, that was it. I didn't have to buy something new to feed my passion for surfing and I could channel all that need to create for something useful. Below are my re-life, re-shaped surfboards.