Change is Simple's

Science of Sustainability Curriculum

Implemented in over 700 classrooms and built around: 

Change is Simple's project-based approach transforms classrooms into construction zones and ecosystems, and students into engineers and scientists. This education program is proven to instill values and inspire behavior change. 

  • The science of sustainability makes learning relevant to everyday life: food, water, energy, natural resources and more.

  •  An integrated model allows students to apply science, math, English, health and social studies to address critical world issues. 

  • College science students lead small group instruction and mentor children toward achievement in STEAM. College students make it energetic, real, and FUN!

  • Expert team plans alongside classroom teachers, provides PD, and content for ongoing use of NGSS while creating critical thinkers. Readies teachers to tackle sustainability on their own.

  • Positive outcomes for planet, kids and learning.

Award winning curriculum  

700+ classrooms

15,000+ kids making change