Picture this: you’re in 4th grade. Into your classroom walks an energetic scientist and college student with a fascinating set of tools! Next thing you know you’re out of your seat doing energy-themed yoga, using your muscles to pedal a generator to charge an iPhone. Today’s journey has just begun. With 4 peers you conduct an energy audit of your classroom using state-of-the-art energy meters to measure watts, carbon emissions, and energy costs. But, you didn’t do it alone. Shubhi, a science student at NEU is helping, while sharing her own experiences. You’ll see Shubhi 4 more times this year; she’ll help you realize that college is possible and may even inspire you to pursue STEM.  

Then your teacher, equipped with CiS resources, continues to focus on energy with math and english assignments to deepen your knowledge. You conduct a home energy audit and get your family involved to save both energy and money. CiS and Shubhi will return in 6 weeks for a renewable energy unit that will have you building a working wind turbine and getting a petition to support renewables signed and sent to your mayor. You’ll participate in 4+ units each year from 3rd-5th grade until you graduate as a ChangeMaker.

This is just one unit example. Others use chemistry to create non toxic cleaners, geography to explore the global food system, manufacturing to create products, social studies to live zero-waste and even creative writing and art to help kids communicate findings. All learners are able to find their niche.

“CiS brings legitimacy & relevance to environmental issues. Our students learn about science from mentors and begin to see their world differently and how to apply practical solutions to truly make a difference.” -Principal, Salem Public Schools

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