Social Post Portal

Change is Simple is trying a new social media strategy to reach a bigger audience. Our plan is to have four different categories of social media posts. 

  •  Kid Stories are for the mission moments you experience while working with kids. Think where, when, why, impact, connection to mission, and what authentic feelings it evoked in you.
  • Giving Stories are for interviewing those who have supported Change is Simple. Questions to ask are: Name, role, how did you become aware of CiS, when/why did you become involved, impact it has had on you, why it's important, why others should consider supporting, and finally, what authentic feelings it evokes in you.
  • Sustainable Living Tips are the little things people can do to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable without aggressively changing lifestyles. Think about what you did, how is it green, why is it important, how can you try to implement on a regular basis, and what lesson does this tie into.
  • Caught Green Handed are for people you have come across in the community who are going out of their way to be eco-friendly, sustainable, helpful! Write down what you saw, where were you, what were they doing, how was it impactful, how can you try this yourself, and how does it tie into lessons.

*If you would like to include a picture (it is recommended that you do), then please  add it to this google sheet.  Click me

Please specify the date this occured.
Look at the top for ideas on what to write about.