Lauren Belmonte - Co-Founder / Co- Director  (Environmental Scientist, Certified Sustainability Manager, Project Manager, Master Level CiS Certified Educator)


Lauren brings a lifetime of environmental passion to Change is Simple, Inc. "I remember being inspired back in elementary school about both humanitarian and environmental issues, and my passion for the two has never waned." She is a graduate of Merrimack College with a BS in Environmental Science. Lauren has over thirteen years in the environmental and sustainability field. Previously, as an environmental consultant, Lauren assisted with environmental permitting, conducted wetland delineations and rare species habitat surveys, and worked on large renewable energy projects such as Cape Wind. Most recently as an Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Specialist, Lauren assisted with LEED construction projects, developed the state-wide Resource Management Program for the Massachusetts Army National Guard, and handled much of the organization's environmental compliance, from air quality to storm water. Lauren is a member of the Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists. "Although I was working in the environmental field, I felt as though I could do more to help my community and planet. I saw the importance of inspiring the next generation to be aware and act as stewards. I never felt like it was that hard to live consciously; hence the name Change is Simple." Lauren takes the lead on grant writing, outreach and fundraising and has been guiding the organization to identify opportunities within the community to partner and grow. Growing up as a competitive gymnast and becoming a competitive dancer in college, Lauren is as passionate about caring for the bodies we were given as the amazing earth we live on. She is also a certified group fitness instructor, teaching classes at a gym in her hometown. Lauren loves cooking, making her own all natural lotions & cleaners which she shares with friends and family.

Patrick Belmonte - Co-Founder / Co-Director - Master Level CiS Certified Educator 

Photo by Eliza Mead

Photo by Eliza Mead

"I grew up constantly exploring. I'd leave the house at 7am on my bike and be dragged back in after dark. I built shelters, tree forts, bike trails and probably one too many bike ramps based on the number of times I was in a cast. I surfed, fished and helped my dad in his garden. I never realized how lucky I was to connect with my planet on such a deep level at a young age, and that connection has guided me to this point."  Patrick, a sustainability expert, earned his degree in Marketing/Communications from Western New England University, where he played four years of football. Upon graduation Patrick spent several years designing and coordinating children's programming. In this role he was able to master creating programs that effectively balance education and fun for children of all learning levels. Patrick started a small business shortly after college and worked in marketing at LEGO Corp., Mullen Advertising and Westport Communications before taking the leap into Change is Simple. Patrick has been the visionary behind the design of the Change is Simple curriculum, learning tools and strategy. Over the past 7+ years Patrick has taught over 700 classrooms at nearly 100 different schools. Between classroom lessons, Patrick can be found playing kickball at recess, and high fiving kids at schools all over the Boston region. He is an avid surfer and builds his own boards from recycled materials, enjoys mountain and road biking, trail runs, 'fixing stuff' and cooking with his wife Lauren for friends, family and staff.

Amy Holland Crafton - Marketing, Communications and Development


Amy discovered Change is Simple back in 2015 when her son was in third grade and Change is Simple started visiting his classroom. She was hooked from day one of seeing the program, felt very connected to the mission. and went to meet the founders to see how she could get involved. Having recently left a marketing job in the Boston non-profit world she started volunteering, joined the Board and eventually the staff team to help promote the work and raise awareness, funds and support for the organization. “I can see first-hand the incredibly positive impact Change is Simple has on the students we teach through my own children. This could not be a more important mission at a more critical time.” She is passionate about the outdoors, and in her spare time (when not with her 3 boys), spends time running, in the yoga studio and painting.

Dom Martinelli -  Internship Coordinator & Lead Educator (Level III CiS Certified Educator)

Dom interned for Change is Simple in the fall of 2015.  He graduated from Endicott College, where he studied Environmental Science and played on the men's lacrosse team. Dom is from upstate New York and grew up near the Adirondack Mountains, where he developed his passions for skiing and the outdoors. During Dom's time as an intern, he learned how much he could offer to students, which sparked his interest in education. Dom's work ethic and ability to connect with kids makes him one of our students favorite educators and a great addition to the organization.

Kendra Berry - Curriculum Designer & Lead Educator (Level III CiS Certified Educator)

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Kendra interned for Change is Simple during the fall of 2015. She recently graduated with her B.S. in Marine Biology from Northeastern University. Kendra is incredibly passionate about hands-on learning; it's something she has taken to heart and incorporated into her own education. She spent 2016 taking classes and research diving all around North and Central America. Growing up in Boring, Oregon (no seriously, that's what it's called), she fell in love with nature, and wanted to inspire others to become advocates for the environment and the oceans. During her internship, Kendra saw how making small changes in her own life, and encouraging others to do the same, could make big impacts on the local environment. Talking to students about the earth gives her hope for the future of our planet, which is why she is thrilled to be back and teaching with Change is Simple.

Ethan Janis - Lead Educator


Ethan Janis, hails from Foster, Rhode Island and graduated from Keene State College in 2016 with a degree in History and Environmental Science. Being the son of two whole hearted environmentalists, he has been exposed to the values Change is Simple emulates his entire life. Consequently, at an early age he developed passions for all things outdoors. From surfing, camping, fishing and hiking, his hobbies reinforced his desire to preserve and protect the natural world around us. Given the scale of the environmental challenges we face, he realized the need to empower younger generations to become the environmental stewards of tomorrow. All of this brought him here to Change is Simple. As a  teacher by trade, he loves getting into the classroom and  supporting the vision of the organization. He hopes that at Change is Simple he can do his small part to help change the world.