“Each lesson connects so well to the previous as well as what we are working on in class. The kids love you guys and so do I. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and your program is the best I have worked with.” -  3rd grade teacher, Wyman Elementary , Woburn Public Schools. 

“I loved the multi-sensory approach to learning about a very important subject!” – Linda Geary, 3rd grade teacher, Ayers Ryal Side, Beverly Public Schools

“I loved how I was asked what we were working on in Math and that was incorporated into the program.” – Kerrie Haverty 4th grade teacher, Linscott Rumford, Woburn Public Schools

“I thought it was wonderful how you incorporated measuring, math and map skills into the activities.” – Erin Chisholm and Jaimelyn Raposa 5th grade teachers, Wyman Elementary, Woburn Public Schools

“The energy of the instructors is awesome; the hands-on visuals are GREAT!” – Colleen Costain 4th grade teacher, Centerville Elementary, Beverly Public Schools

“I feel that this program should be in all schools. Students need to know these concepts and hands-on activities need to be more in the classroom setting. I love how math, science and all areas of the curriculum are provided all throughout the lesson.” – Patrice Higgins, 5th grade teacher, Reeves School, Woburn Public Schools. 

“I loved everything about the programs! So much was taught in such a fun organized way! The games and manipulatives were first rate! Other subjects were incorporated into the lessons as well! (for one game the children had to do math problems to move to the next step!)” – Amy Mahoney, 3rd grade teacher, Linscott Rumford, Woburn Public Schools.

“The children were able to show what they learned during the culmination game! They were so proud of themselves! They would come back after weekends and talk about how much they recycled and what kinds of trees/leaves they saw. Many of them said they watch shows on Animal Planet and National Geographic to learn more! A few parents have also mentioned that their child loved to share what they learned!”  - Amy Mahoney, 3rd grade teacher, Linscott Rumford, Woburn Public Schools.

“The instructors were excellent; the combination of class control and patience made it a pleasant experience.” – Kathleen Sullivan, 3rd grade teacher, Altavesta Elementary, Woburn Public Schools

“I was very impressed with how into the program my students got. It is always challenging to get 21 kids interested in something- you guys managed to do that! The day after you all came in to do a lesson, my students wanted to spend a day without electricity. We spent the entire next day with no lights. They had a blast!” – Kristen Slagmolen, 4th grade teacher, Reeves School Woburn Public Schools

“Saving the environment is something that is not written into our curriculum. Yes, we talk about it with our kids, but in not as much detail as is needed. There is just not enough time in the classroom to get it all done. It is wonderful for your company to come in and teach students about helping our earth. They are the future, they should be educated on how and what to do in order to help.” – Kristen Slagmolen, 4th grade teacher, Reeves School, Woburn Public Schools 

“Very interactive. Students were able to move around and grasp a much better understanding of subject matter they learned in Term I. All students were successful with the lesson, no matter what their learning style or ability!” – Danielle MacDonald, 4th grade teacher, Shamrock Elementary, Woburn Public Schools

“Children are constantly talking about Change is Simple and asking when they are coming back.” – Patricia Kannler, 3rd grade teacher, Linscott Rumford School, Woburn Public Schools.  

“We enjoyed the program and the students were talking about it to the parents. The program was extremely educational and the students can't wait for Change is Simple to come back.” – Laurie Stantial, 3rd grade teacher, North Beverly Elementary, Beverly Public Schools .

“I feel that the work that the Change is Simple is important to the learning experience of students. I firmly believe that life experiences such as this program is even better than reading textbooks and lectures!!! I feel that these hands on lessons are unforgettable!!!” – Kathleen Doherty, 4th grade teacher, Goodyear Elementary, Woburn Public Schools.

“Due to the nature of our curriculum today as well as all the testing these kids get, it is so nice for them to have some hands-on and engaging lessons. Our schedules are so jammed pack, that we don't get those opportunities very often.” – Marcy Nelson, 4th grade teacher, Centerville Elementary, Beverly Public Schools.

“I thought it was great! The students were able to be hands on and kids love to be hands-on! They walked away with new vocabulary and ideas. They enjoyed it and learned something during the lesson. The other day while reading a story they remembered the word deciduous!!!!!” – Michelle McDonald,  3rd grade teacher, Wyman Elementary, Woburn Public Schools.

“The program connects real world with science. It was a great hands-on real life experience that every student could understand and put to use.” – Rachel Collins, 6th grade science teacher, Briscoe Middle School, Beverly Public Schools.

“The program really meshed well with the curriculum, especially throwing the fractions in with the science. I also like that I learned something as well as the kids learning.” – Julianne Watros, 5th grade teacher, Reeves Elementary, Woburn Public Schools.