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                 Article is found on Page 48

NorthShore MagaZine

"The Belmontes are, thereby, also empowering kids to become educators; by sharing what they have learned, they are able to work with their families to make informed choices." 

- Kiley Jaques

Beverly Patch

"Secretary Sullivan honored the Change is Simple, Inc. team with an award for their successful work in the Beverly and Woburn school districts funded by the Cummings Foundation."

- J DeSilva

The beverly citizen

The Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce awarded local sustainability education leaders Change is Simple Inc. with the Non-Profit of the Year award. 

The Beverly Citizen

"In one hour, sixth graders at Briscoe Middle School learned that they could save 45,000 pounds of lunchroom waste from going into a landfill each year simply by implementing a compost and recycling program in the cafeteria."

The Tri-Town Transcript

 "the non-profit organization Change is Simple is bringing the message of how simple changes can protect the environment to campers this summer."

- Linda Greenstein